The themes of social responsibility have now become major issues for any business. For FILTISAC, carrying out the CSR approach, which reconciles economic, social, societal and environmental issues, is part of a Sustainable Development process.

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Economic issues

Evolution of turnover

FILTISAC’s turnover at the end of 2022 amounts to 45.5 billion CFA francs.



Social issues

International Food Safety Day / Food Packaging Day

On Wednesday, June 07, 2023, the FILTISAC Management and the staff of the Rigid Packaging department celebrated the 5th edition of the International Day for Food Safety / Food Packaging.

This celebration was marked by the presentation of the context of this day, the principles and objectives of the health safety of packaging intended for foodstuffs. Incidents related to food safety that have occurred around the world have been discussed in order to do everything possible to prevent their occurrence at FILTISAC.

Following the presentation, awareness sessions for operators and quality agents on good hygiene and production practices were carried out. At the end of the awareness sessions, a series of quizzes was submitted to the operators in order to assess their understanding.



Societal issues

Visit of young people from the Ishmaelite community

As part of its population development policy, the FILTISAC Company received on Tuesday, April 25, 2023, the visit of young people from the Ishmaelite community of France and Ukraine.
The delegation, made up of about thirty people, was led by Mr. PIERALI Naïm (AKDN Program Coordinator) and enhanced by the effective presence of His Excellency Mr. NANDJEE Férid, AKDN Diplomatic Representative.

The purpose of this visit was to transmit the values of IPS and AKDN (Aga Khan Development Network) to young people and to make them relays in the chain of communication by transmitting the experiences acquired.

During this meeting,

  • The management of FILTISAC welcomed the assembly and presented the corporate film of the Company marking the beginning of the historical activities of IPS in West Africa and the social actions carried out for the benefit of its staff.
  • His Excellency Mr. NANDJEE Ferid and Mr. PIERALI Naïm instructed the audience on the activities of IPS and AKDN which is an institution under the supervision of Karim Aga Khan IV.

At the end of the various interventions, the young people of the Ishmaelite community in a friendly spirit, visited the three (03) factories making up FILTISAC (Jute, Synthetics and Rigid Packaging).



Environmental issues

Waste recovery

As part of the application of its circular economy policy, FILTISAC is resolutely committed to the recovery of this waste in order to reduce its impact on the environment.

To this end, FILTISAC has signed a memorandum of understanding with ECOPLAST INNOV, an Eco-organization specializing in the recycling and recovery of PET plastic waste for the manufacture of pavers for the building and public works sector.

As of December 31, 2022, FILTISAC sold to ECOPLAST INNOV, 27 tons of PET scrap (“amber” PET bottles and preforms) for its production needs.



Sustainable management of water resources

FILTISAC has made watertight masonry pits for the collection of condensate drains from air compressors. This collected water is used to clean offices and bathrooms, including changing rooms, while guaranteeing the same level of hygiene. The capacity of water collected is 1.5 m3 every two days, which represents an average of 4.5 m3 per week worked.


Preservation of the Banco Natural Park

FILTISAC has built manholes and nozzles in order to slow down the speed of the rainwater flowing out of its site towards the BANCO forest, passing under the rails. Today, thanks to this work combined with that of SITARAIL, the water is flowing at a very low speed, no longer posing a threat to the Banco forest, our precious common good.