PP sock

High tenacity woven and laminated polypropylene packaging for cotton fiber bales. Packaging made up of a tubular body, an attached bottom in flat canvas with 4 ventilation chamfers and a flap sewn on a long side for closing.

Outer face coated with a polyethylene film for guarantee tightness.

Packaging treated against ultraviolet rays

High resistance against mechanical shocks. Mechanical fusion of the strips with the lamination avoiding the risk of contamination and pollution. Stacking of bales facilitated by the anti-slip.

TENAX sock

Packing in minimum three-layer blown macro perforated polyethylene with a tubular body without longitudinal seam.

Packing welded in the bottom and comprising two bellows with a water vapor barrier sufficiently reinforced to face the requirements of cotton companies.

Packaging treated against ultraviolet rays. No risk of contamination.

Good stretching of the canvas with solid resistance to mechanical shocks. Tenax packaging, high resistance.