Leader in packaging in French-speaking West Africa, FILTISAC guarantees its customers solutions adapted to their needs and ensures sustainable profitability for all through its policy of innovation and its efficient production tool.


FILTISAC is committed to conducting its activity in a responsible manner and to remaining attentive to the impact of its operations on people and on the environment.

The financial objectives are set in a perspective of sustainable growth, thus consolidating FILTISAC and its partners in commercial relations based on trust and transparency. The adoption of a Code of Ethics at the end of 2004 provides our employees with a framework that enables them to resolve the ethical issues they may be confronted with in their daily activities and to operate with mutual respect for each other.

Social support for staff

FILTISAC remains very vigilant about compliance with health and safety rules as well as the working conditions of all of its staff and of its subcontractors or stakeholders.

The development of the personal and professional skills of our employees is encouraged by maintaining a high level of training expenses and by implementing an internal training program for our businesses.

Through its commitment to the IPS Solidarity Fund (SOLIPS), FILTISAC is also at the forefront of the fight against HIV / AIDS, Malaria and tuberculosis in the workplace.

Finally, FILTISAC has initiated since 2009, an action in favor of early childhood development. To this end, a larger and more comfortable space, co-financed by SOLIPS and its partners, was built and inaugurated in 2019.

Innovation and commitment to the quality and safety of food packaging

FILTISAC, through its policy, has set itself the objective of guaranteeing the quality and safety of packaging intended for foodstuffs.

As such and in a context of the still persistent global health crisis linked to COVID-19, FILTISAC passed in 2021 three (03) very important audits for which the results were excellent:

  • Zero deviation from Coca-Cola’s SGP social audit
  • Zero non-compliance with the ISO 9001 version 2015 quality audit
  • Two minor non-compliances with the FSCC 22000 audit to the new version 5.1

The highly competitive environment combined with the related requirements, encouraging FILTISAC in the path of continuous improvement, in order to maintain its position as a leading company in the field of the manufacture of packaging intended for compliant foodstuffs, safe and free from any source of contamination.

FILTISAC, a corporate citizen committed to a sustainable development policy for several years, continues to operationalize its CSR approach.

With a view to an integrated Management system, combining Quality and Hygiene , Safety and Environment, the above-mentioned commitments, associated with our objectives, are implemented in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory and legal texts which govern our sector of activity.

FILTISAC , resolutely committed to a dynamic of continuous improvement, annually reviews its various Quality and Environment policies, Safety of packaging intended for foodstuffs and Innovation to ensure that they are perfectly suited to the satisfaction of our interested parties.