Cotton fiber bale canvas

Lined PP canvas

Flat canvas in high tenacity polypropylene to cover the cotton fiber bales supplied in rolls.

Woven and coated canvas ” a polyethylene film to guarantee the waterproofing of the covered product. Good resistance. Treated against ultraviolet rays

TENAX fabric

Flat film in blown polyethylene intended to cover the balls of cotton fiber. Die-cut or pre-cut canvas. Does not contaminate. Good resistance against mechanical shocks. Good resistance to ultraviolet rays.

Laminated PP Bachette for seed cotton marketing

Flat polypropylene canvas woven and laminated on both sides, with a perimeter seam and 4 angular flaps sewn and folded at the ends.

Canvas bound by cords measuring 120 cm for the marketing of seed cotton.

Woven and laminated canvas of 140 gr / m2. Can withstand between 700 and 150 kg of seed cotton.

Good resistance, does not fray.

Treated against ultraviolet rays.